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19.09 September - World Cleanup Day

Moscow residents and organisations are invited to participate in the World Cleanup Day 'Let's Do it!' campaign by the RosEco. As part of the Cleanup Day, voluntary outdoor rubbish collection and educational events dedicated to separate waste collection and recycling in 70 regions of our country and 150 countries are planned.

World Cleanup Day "Let's do it!" - is a volunteer action aimed at bringing society, the state, the media and business together in one team to clean up the country and keep it clean. The focus of the campaign is on natural areas: forests, glades and pond banks; when collecting waste, separate waste collection is organized where possible. In addition, the teams conduct educational campaigns, promote a modern waste management system, separate collection and recycling, an environmentally friendly lifestyle, reduction of personal and social ecological footprints and sustainable development.

Every person and organisation can contribute to making our planet clean. The campaign is non-profit and is implemented entirely on a voluntary basis.

There are various formats for participation in the event, you can read more here.
Map “Let’s do it” Russia - here you can choose a location and join a team of volunteers.

"World Cleanup Day has been celebrated since 2018. On September 21, 2019 more than 200,000 Russians took part in clean-up activities. Volunteer campaigns were held in 60 regions of the country, where public organisations, youth movements, members of the administration and local activists organized 3,000 clean-ups. As a result, 5.5 thousand cubic metres of mixed waste and 780 cubic metres of recyclable materials (glass, metal, plastic) were collected. In total, more than 20 million people in 180 countries took part in the event.