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School history

As is often the case, the reason for creating a school is seeking out the best education for your children. Svetlana Chashnikova, the founder of the school,  first got acquainted with Montessori education when her eldest daughter started attending the Montessori preschool at the Montessori Center, which at that time worked under the sponsorship of the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale). In this preschool, children were not pressed or imposed classes, but were chosing them independently, and all educational materials were freely available.  There was no mess in the class rooms, everything was in order. Children were calm, independent, and their eyes showed a great desire to perceive the world around them.

The Montessori approach turned fascinating for its versatility, integrity and opportunity for  children to develop in accordance with their capabilities. A dream and a great wish to establish a real Montessori school came up. There were a lot of difficulties, but many amazing discoveries towards the dream.  Having starting with a small class of 12 children, the school was developping the Montessori programs. The school is 11 years by now, and we offer programs for children from birth to 12 years old. We have not questioned the correctness of the method we have chosen even for a moment. We create and maintain a safe and friendly environment for children, in which they develop, satisfy their natural curiosity and creativity, where parents always find support in the friendly school community.

История в нескольких датах

Foundation of the Montessori center Guryenok

We started searching for a room in 2008, found a suitable room in 2009 and made repairs quickly. We ordered Montessori materials from Nienhuis manufacturer, recommended by the AMI Association. 

Our school was opened as a Montessori center "Guryenok" in May 2009 already. We were the first to open class 3-6 for 12 children and the "Together with my mother" group.

"Montessori studio at Molodezhnaya"

At that moment our school was known as the "Montessori studio in Molodezhnaya". Our programs were developing, class 3-6 was growing and had more than 20 children studying. There were additional studios: painting, fitness, music.
The groups "Together with my mother" continued to work.
We were thinking over what the class for children under 3 years of age should be like. For this we went studying at the international AMI course.

Toddler class opened

The school started its movement towards implementation of the AMI standard. We completed AMI course 0-3 and the Administrative course for Montessori school leaders in the United States. Toddler class instead of groups "Together with mother" started to function. A reference book for parents was created.

AMI standard

The school had undergone capital repairing in 2013 for children to have comfortable studies! By that time classroom atmosphere fully met the international standards of Montessori schools. 

English lessons were added to classes. 

We decided that the programs would be managed by the  specialists with international education. Our teachers were trained at AMI courses.
The school holds many public talks and seminars to share its experience with the professional community.

A new stage

Actively supported by parents of class 3-6, the school opened a new stage - the Montessori elementary school. Opening of class 6-12 for five children was positively responded and attracted interest of parents. The class was growing dynamically, children from Casa dei Bambini as well as from other schools and kindergartens joined it.

GRATA Montessori school

Montessori studio at Molodezhnaya was renamed into GRATA Montessori school. We stand for professionalism in all respects and continue to train our employees at AMI courses (program assistants get this education also). The school is in a phase when parents choose long-term education for their children, and children move from one stage to another.

We march ahead

Despite the challenges we had this year, Grata continues to actively move forward, advancing programs in accordance with Montessori principles.

There are 25 children in class 6-12 already! This year children from Toddler class completed the program 3-6 and joined the Elementary program!