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Elementary class

Class 6-12
The Program for children from 6 to 12 years old

“Everything that has ever been invented by man is a fruit of his imagination. Without it, we are helpless in comprehending history, geography, and if we want to reveal to the child the vastness of the Universe, what, if not imagination, will help us”

Maria Montessori.

In Montessori grades 6-12 there aren’t the usual school attributes such as textbooks and desks. There are no grades or homework here. Having the opportunity to move at their own pace, choose their own strategy in working on a certain topic, children develop deep internal motivation in gaining knowledge. Here, children develop a stable skill to learn independently, realizing their responsibility for the achieved result.

Children have at their disposal scientifically prepared Montessori materials, impressive maps, tables, story strips, expressive layouts and designs, a laboratory and an art zone. Older children also actively refer to research materials conducted by scientists, or to scientific and popular science sources.

The main need for children aged 6-12 is to work in a group of their peers. In a prepared environment of the class, they work together on their projects and conduct research outside of the class. In this collaborative work, children become responsible, learn to take care of each other, develop empathy, and also build strong friendship.

Much attention in the educational process is paid to studying English. Classes are held in the classroom using grammatical Montessori materials, as well as in separate groups, where children learn the language in accordance with their level of English. We consider it important for children to acquire the skill of oral speech, therefore, in the annual program, we plan going out, theater performances in English, and using modern communication programs.


The program is led by the Montessori teacher Svetlana Chashnikova (who earned an AMI International diploma in working with children aged 6-12) with the support of Montessori assistants and teachers of extracurricular programs.

  • The program runs 5 days a week.

  • The main program is from 8.30 am to 4 pm.

  • Additional extracurricular classes are held daily from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

These are various art, music, sports and themed activities. They help children better understand and feel their body, develop an ear for music, find new fields of interest for themselves and succeed in them. Children and parents may choose from what our school offers: creative dance, painting, art workshops, the Chinese game of Go, aikido, Chinese language and theater.

The Elementary class environment:

  • Creates an atmosphere for the study of the world around us and human experience in this world.
  • Gives an understanding of the structure of the world as a whole and the opportunity to deeply study individual areas of knowledge.
  • In the 6-12 class, a teacher is a mentor who does not give direct answers, but teaches children to search for the information they need, using different sources.
  • In the primary school curriculum, key knowledge is given through individual and group lessons that allow children to study the subjects at their own pace. Each student, with the support of the teacher, learns to build their own developmental and learning plan.
  • Part of the educational process must be physical training and walking.
  • In the Elementary class, children are presented with examples of heroic behavior in the past, present and future.
  • In elementary school, much attention is devoted to issues of morality and ethics, children learn to find answers to their concerns about honesty and justice, consider different points of view and respect other people's opinions.
  • The environment of the 6-12 class provides the necessary sources of knowledge and leads the children outside the classroom for a deeper study of the issue being studied. Children’s independent going out (to libraries, museums, business organizations, scientific institutions, etc.) accompanied by an adult are an important part of the program.

Does the Montessori program meet traditional school standards?

All students in the class are attached to the educational departments of schools and annually undergo certification in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard.

Our school closely cooperates with the school "Nashi Penati", and majority of the students are certified at this school. During the academic year, the children with the Montessori teacher write all the necessary tests in the classroom. Mastering the Montessori program guarantees a solid knowledge of students in accordance with the modern requirements of the level of education.