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Admission process

We are happy to see new families at our school. We suppose, choosing a school and when to enter a new class are some of the important decisions a family makes while being at a certain point of the child’s growing. The enrollment procedure we have developed gives quite meaningful data about the school and our ideas, values, policies, and rules, as well as the educational programs provided by the Montessori program. We pay special attention to the first meeting of the teacher and child. You may find the step-by-step description of enrollment below.
  • The Overview visit
    An overview visit and a meeting with the parents are a prerequisite for starting the admission application. During the visit, we conduct an introductory tour of the school, introduce you to all classes and programs, talk about the principles of a Montessori education, and how these principles are implemented in the program that interests you.
  • Application for admission
    After the overview visit, we suggest filling out an application of intent to enroll in our school. The application is the basis for deciding on the next stage. The school administration is always open to providing the most detailed and comprehensive information about the school, its tasks and the format of work.
  • Acquaintance with the child

    After accepting the application for admission, we agree on the visit of the child to our school to meet the class teacher. This meeting is held individually with a student, where the teacher has the opportunity to observe how the child manifests him or herself, what is his temperament, social and emotional level of development and cognitive skills. At the end, the teacher answers the parents' questions and explains how the process of adaptation of new students is organized.

  • Observation in the classroom
    An important point in the admission process is understanding the differences between Montessori education and the traditional system and the deliberate choice of the approach to the development of children offered by our school. Therefore, we invite parents to observe a working Montessori class. This allows parents to see how the lessons are conducted in the classroom, how children acquire  relevant skills, formulate their questions and get the necessary answers.
  • Decision on admission
    After all the above-listed steps having been done, we make the decision on enrollment and inform the parents. If the result is positive, we draw up the necessary package of documents. In the case of admission to the 6-12 Montessori class, the future student must attend the program for a month as an intern.
  • Signing the contract
    The final stage of the admission procedure is signing the contract with the Montessori School GRATA. At this stage, we ask both parents to be present. This meeting takes place directly with the head of school. During the meeting, we focus on important points of the school process in order to agree once again about the expectations from cooperation, to get acquainted in detail with the school's policy, rules and all the terms of the contract.