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Social and environmental responsibility

Maria Montessori argued that we can change our future, make our society socially responsible, taking care of the environment of the planet, if it becomes valuable for our children. More than 100 years have passed, and her words are still relevant.

In order to collect garbage separately now, plant trees, help orphans or homeless animals, we need to create new habits. But if our children learn to do it now together with us, it will become the standard for them forever.

At our school, we regularly implement projects in which children learn to take care of themselves and the environment, respect nature and its resources, sort garbage and recycle paper and other things. With the support of parents, 3 years ago, we began to cooperate with Eco Taxi of the Sobirator company, regularly collecting recyclable things in classrooms and at home for recycling.

“If we shift the focus of our attention from the adult and his values ​​to the child and his values, we can change the entire path of development of our civilization. The foundation, which is outside our society today, must be within it; then the person himself will turn into the highest asset, to which all external values ​​will be subordinated ... "

Maria Montessori

We hold a school-wide celebration - Earth Day - every year in May. The main idea of ​​this special day is a solicitous attitude towards the resources of our planet, the sustaining of ecology and life on Earth.

For over ten years now, we have been holding charity fairs inside our Montessori School in December. The fair has become a great tradition that unites our community to help those who are in need today. The funds raised at the fairs go to support orphanages, nursing homes, support centers for children and parents.