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The school concept

The Montessori educational system unites many schools around the world. Studies among students of Montessori schools, as well as graduates of Montessori schools who have achieved success, have proven the effectiveness of an alternative approach to the traditional education system.

The Montessori approach is based on the assumption that every child has an innate cognitive interest. The task of an adult  is to create a favorable environment for his development, to support the child in the process of his independent study of the world.

Due to this approach, Montessori school graduates have not only academic knowledge, but are also able to think creatively, solve problems, interact with people effectively, adapt faster to various situations, take responsibility, etc. All these skills are acquired naturally in a Montessori environment.

At the present time, we cannot confidently answer the question of what knowledge will enable our children to be successful in the future. This is the reason why it is so important for children to learn to adapt to different situations, analyze and use information. The world is changing very quickly. We are all interconnected now more than we have ever been before in human history. Social skills are in demand more than they used to be; such qualities as responsibility, initiative, ability to adapt quickly and communicate effectively are in demand in modern society. Children can successfully develop these qualities in a Montessori class.

Our mission

The mission of our school is to create, develop and maintain the most productive Montessori environment for education in which each child will be able to realize their desire to learn, become independent, free and disciplined, able to make rational decisions and make their own unique contribution to the world. 

We fulfill our mission by:

  • maintaining clear standards of the educational program, which are based on the method developed by Maria Montessori. Our standards include modern ideas and research regarding the development and education of a child;
  • developing the children’s natural desire for new experiences and exploration of the world around them;

  • nurturing tolerance in children, through which they gain experience in interacting with many people. They learn to respect ethnic, cultural, economic and other differences, and seek and find common ground among all of us;

  • we treasure children’s personal growth and their understanding that growth implies responsibility and respect to other people;

  • effective cooperation of parents, teachers and students and their active participation in school life.

Our philosophy and goals

The whole work of the school is based on a deep respect for children as unique personalities with their own plan and method of experiencing the world around them.

Our main task is to lay the foundations of a wholesome balanced personality, and we care about the social, emotional, intellectual, as well as the physical and spiritual development of the child.

The main goal of education at our Montessori schools is the desire to help the child in the formation of his\her independence and internal motivation by creating an environment in which his native inclinations and mental abilities can be brought to the fullest.

Montessori pedagogy
We rely on Montessori pedagogy, which is based on the universal principles of childrens’ development, and we accept it as a reliable theoretical and practical basis for training.
Modern approaches
We study modern approaches and research in the field of child development in order to expand our understanding of the formation of a person.
Individual approach
Taking into account the differences in the speed and ways of learning among different children, we use an individual approach to each child so that his or her native potential develops as efficiently as possible.
Concept of an age difference
We adhere to the concept of the formation of a group of children having different ages, considering it the most favorable both for the educational process and for the social and emotional development of children.
Cooperation with the child
We prefer cooperation rather than rivalry and consider the behavior of each individual child based on his personal potential, avoiding comparisons with the work and behavior of other children.
Cooperation with parents
We welcome the active participation of parents in the life of our school and are convinced that close cooperation between teachers, children and their parents allows us to achieve the highest and most effective results. Combining our efforts, we strive to help each child gain self-confidence and become a self-sufficient person.
Friendly atmosphere
We create a friendly atmosphere that helps the child gain inner discipline, the manifestation of his desire to help others, respect his own and other peoples’ work, and enjoy what has been achieved.